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Germany Legalizes Recreational Cannabis

By a staggering vote of 407 to 226, German parliamentary members have decided to legalize recreational cannabis use in Germany for those aged 18 and above.  On April 1st 2024, German residents will be able to grow up to 3 plants for their own private consumption, with up to 50g possession at home, and up to 25g in public. Approximately 9% of the German population use cannabis in the current black market, making it a less reliable and more dangerous method of …

What Happened to the Cannabis Industry?

What happened to the cannabis industry? For most of the twentieth century, constrained by the slim profit margins of commoditized agricultural produce such as corn or wheat, very little R&D was earmarked for improving agricultural inputs. The notable exception was genetics; the lion's share of research went into improving yields via seeds, including GMOs. However, in the final decades of the last century, incentivized by the high profit margins of cash crops like cannabis, hydroponic R&D took off, yielding leading-edge fertilizers and …