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Photos vs. Autos

Photos versus autos: a comparisonIn the wake of cannabis legalization, growers have more options than ever when it comes to selecting genetics and strains. An important choice to make is whether to cultivate photoperiod plants (photos) or autoflowering ones (autos). Let’s look at what makes photos and autos unique and the key differences to consider when selecting between these varieties.PhotosPhotoperiod, also known as photoperiodic or photosensitive, cannabis plants get their name from photoperiodism, the physiological reaction of plants to the …

Cannabis Life Cycles

In the wild, cannabis goes through three phases during its life cycle: (1) seeds germinate and seedlings sprout from seed; (2) the young plants grow vegetatively, marked by the proliferation of roots, stems and leaves; and (3) the plants mature, budding and flowering or ripening, until they reach sexual maturity, when they drop seed.[1] Understanding the crop life cycle is important for commercial cannabis production. Unless a grower grows an auto-flowering variety, light is the main driver of the “flip” between …

Starting with Seeds, Clones or Tissue Culture

Growers can start cannabis cultivation from seeds, clones or tissue culture.Starter plants are crucial to successful cannabis cultivation. They are the foundation for high-quality genetics and cannabinoid-profile consistency. But they can also introduce problems out of the gate, particularly pests and diseases. For example, hop latent viroid (HLVd), also known as dudding disease, one of the biggest threats to cannabis production,[1] can easily spread through infected propagation material. Deciding whether to start with seeds, clones or tissue culture depends on a …