At Emerald Harvest we aim to provide resources to help our distributors and retailers drive our brand. We supply marketing assets, guidelines, and assistance in custom graphic design to help everyone succeed.


We offer a range of items that include, posters, shelf talkers, info sheets, and floor decals. Do you need a custom banner or window wrap? We can assist in a custom design that will fit your space. We also have a supply of ads that are available for print publications.


Interact and communicate our brand with your followers. We have a bank of images, videos, and copy that you can use for social media channels. View our calendar of promotions if you want to sync with what we're promoting. Need a custom post? We can help.


We are proud to introduce this comprehensive product knowledge course to help retailers learn more about the Emerald Harvest product line of hydroponic nutrients. The course is intended purely to help retailers and their employees advise customers on the differences and advantages of Emerald Harvest – resulting in increased sales for the store and better performing plants for customers.


Our YouTube channel offers commercials and product overviews. Enjoy the humour of our commercials and learn about our products. Feel free to embed and link them on your website or social media channels.


We have an online store for branded hats, mugs and a selection of tops. We offer customers a choice of Emerald Harvest products they can wear to represent. Need a custom t-shirt design for a promotion? Let's connect.