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    What our customers say

    Thank you for making a great product that ensures success even for new growers like me! Keep up the great work!


    I love your product, 100 percent. Never have I had so much success. Just me, doing what I love.


    I truly have a serious change in my income with the change of the feeding program to Emerald Harvest. It is more simple and it truly pays back my money.


    I have never come across such a well thought out product that shows from just looking at the bottle. Then come to find out how well that product kicks ass. Thank you.


    I've never had as much growth during the flower cycle as I have with Emerald Harvest. Clearly the plant protein and hemp proteins are extremely beneficial and way more suited for optimal growth. The amount of growth on the buds themselves is amazing for being so early in the flower cycle, along with the trichomes production. I'm quite impressed with Emerald Harvest and I'm glad I switched.

    Ryan A

    Congratulations on your success. I think Emerald Harvest is the few new brands that came to Canada and have been taken very well by customers with great feedback. There are not a lot of new brands that customers are willing to try but I found that Emerald Harvest picked up quite fast and is one of the best selling brand of nutrients in our store. Keep up the good work.


    I love your product and wish I could have bought the whole line up. I'm planning on using your line exclusively on my next run. I want to show the community the best products and the results they carry; thank you for such great products and thank you for taking the time to reach out. I stand behind Emerald Harvest 100%!


    Thank you very much! You guys kill it! And our rep, Chad, is the man! He fills us in with nothing but good info on the product and makes it easier for us educate our customers! The customers love it as much as we do. Thank you very much have a wonderful week and happy growing! Thank you again!


    My name is Ronald and I am co-owner of GreenLife Planet. Emerald harvest nutrients have been working exceptionally well and we really appreciate the assistance and support coming from you guys. Sadia, our sales manager here in Trinidad, always speaks very highly of Melanie and I greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication gone into your nutrient line. Thank you again for your support and we look forward to expanding throughout the Caribbean islands and making your product available to all growers.


    I've been a grower for 9 years and growing cannabis has been my passion. I started using Emerald Harvest product line almost a year ago and have been highly impressed with the results. My plants bloomed up and they have never been happier ever since I started using Emerald Harvest. After first seeing you guys at the Denver Indo Expo last year, I really liked the way you guys represented yourselves. I am in the process of expanding my operations and am looking forward to using your product for years to come!


    Emerald Harvest is one of our best sellers and we personally grow with it at home and it had exceeded our expectations for sure. We have a customer who had been growing with Advanced Nutrients for the last 10 years and swore by it and he now grows with Emerald Harvest and says he will never go back.


    We love your nutrients. We love the fact that you guys came out and took a look at our container farms. We will continue to use your guys' nutrient line in the future. We're just getting ready to hit the market and with the help of your nutrients and support, big things are about to happen.