The hydroponic retail market can be challenging. We want to help contribute to your business success and reputation as a true, trusted partner to build your revenues and customer base. With distribution around the world, Emerald Harvest is the hydroponic nutrient brand your customers are looking for. Emerald Harvest’s clean-testing, award-winning premium base nutrients and supplements offer incredible results to growers of all experience levels. Your customers can achieve simple, easy success with products that reflect positively on your store. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff are on call to help you and your employees get the training, resources and support you need to effectively provide Emerald Harvest to your customers as one of your most popular - and profitable - product lines.
  • Increased Profitability
  • Compact Product Line
  • Strong Leading Brand
  • Quality & Performance


Emerald Harvest premium base nutrients and supplements contribute to the profitability of your business with high-quality fertilizers specifically designed to add value to your customers’ high-value crops.
  • Generous margins on MSRP
  • Sales support with dedicated factory representatives
  • On-site customer sales support through demos and education
  • Rapid, dependable stock replenishment


A complete nutrient program in less than a dozen bottles. With the choice of 2 different base nutrients plus 4 plant supplements our product line is compact and simple to use.
  • Less inventory to manage – less shelf space required
  • Easier training for employees
  • Balanced and stable formulation makes it easy for growers to use
  • Proven increase in size, yield, aroma and flavour
  • Quality improvement that resonates with customers


Emerald Harvest is the most recognized and differentiated brand in the market. Our recognition is strong and our people are stronger. We can help bring new revenue to your retail business.
  • Active social media and advertising programs with high user engagement
  • Unique green bottles stand out in the sea of white – and they have a no-drip locking cap!
  • Product characters loved by our customers
  • POS displays, posters, shirts and more to build brand awareness
  • On-line dealer locator and co-branding opportunities


Our premium base nutrients and supplements are made from the finest ingredients, so they run clean, test clean and simply grow the highest quality crops. Our feeding program and our balanced formulation ensures you customers have simple, easy success – every time.
  • Our nutrients perform as promised – 100% guarantee
  • Proven increase in size, yield, aroma and flavour
  • Innovative, naturally occurring ingredients, such as kelp and hemp seed
  • Proven feeding program that really works and provides results


Contact us to learn more about how Emerald Harvest can help you maximize your business performance and your profits.


Thank you for making a great product that ensures success even for new growers like me! Keep up the great work!.


I love your product, 100 percent. Never have I had so much success. Just me, doing what I love..


I truly have a serious change in my income with the change of the feeding program to Emerald Harvest. It is more simple and it truly pays back my money..


I have never come across such a well thought out product that shows from just looking at the bottle. Then come to find out how well that product kicks ass..