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Recreational Grower Sets Record Using Emerald Harvest

What I like about growing is that it makes me feel free.                -Freegrow8Embarking on the journey of setting a growing record is no small endeavor, and yet, some growers seem to effortlessly surpass the ordinary standards. One such cultivator, known as @freegrow8 on Instagram, has not only embraced the challenge but has thrived in it.For years now, @freegrow8 has been a dedicated user of Emerald Harvest Nutrients, and the results speak for themselves. …
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Michigan Home Growers ‘Stick’ to What Works

By Jonathan KatzShere McKay can rattle off dizzying list of homemade cannabis goods that you would expect to find at an established Michigan dispensary. Vegan cream cheese cookies, salad dressing, nougat (the top seller) and even smoked sausage. The products are her own creations—derived from the home grow that she and her husband Don operate in Otisville, Michigan, just outside Flint. They serve as caregivers under the business name McStickys and sell their products to their patients at a market …
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Legion of Bloom

Tell me a little about the size and scope of your facility. What is the focus or specialty?LEGION Cultivation has about 44,000 sqft of flowering canopy and specializing in sustainably produced indoor cannabis.  Our facility runs on 100% California produced renewable energy and incorporates an extremely efficient water catchment and filtration system that allows us to recapture all of our HVAC, dehumidification, and plant run-off.  With this system, we recapture close to 90% of our water needs from the environment. Where …
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Emerald Harvest Nutrient Switch Gives Craft Grower a Boost

Los Angeles-area microgrower gains enhanced resin production and increased efficiency from easy-to-use nutrient line.It’s not a stretch to say Grey (right) and Pinky’s (left) indoor flower rooms are working laboratories. The husband-and-wife duo operate the Greybeard Grows and Pinkbeard Grows microgroweries. They experiment with different growing conditions to perfect their craft and share their experiences as consultants through their blogs. With decades of growing experience between them, Pinky and Grey know that an optimal environment is key to cultivating the highest …
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Simplicity Brings Home Grower to Emerald Harvest

Mark Nerheim wanted simplicity. As a home grower with a focus on quality, he didn’t have time to experiment with different nutrient formulations. Several years ago, a friend introduced him to Emerald Harvest’s nutrient line. Here, Nerheim shares his story, including his approach to growing at his property in the Portland, Oregon, area.Tell me a little bit about your operation and how you got started?I was a medical grower in the state of Oregon when you could have a lot …