At Emerald Harvest, we guarantee our product performance and customer satisfaction. That is why we back our products with a 100% guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of using any of our products, simply return the product and proof of purchase to the retailer where you purchased it, and they will gladly offer you a refund, replacement, or credit toward your next purchase.

Always return products to the source of your purchase, whether it be a retailer, distributor, or manufacturer. If you are returning to a retailer or distributor, reach out to the store or your local sales rep for assistance with the return. Emerald Harvest can only process the return if the product was last purchased directly from Emerald Harvest.

Retailers and Distributors:

By agreeing to carry Emerald Harvest products, you also agree to honor the above guarantee.

  • A customer has 90 days to return all or part of a product, along with the receipt you issued at the time of purchase, for a full refund, replacement, or credit. The decision of which to offer—a refund, replacement, or credit—is up to you, the business owner.
  • You may refuse a customer return only if you have evidence that the customer is abusing the system. Prior to refusing a return, call Emerald Harvest at 1.866.325.8235 to inform us. You and/or Emerald Harvest can typically identify an abuser by his or her return-form history.
Returning directly to Emerald Harvest:

*This can only be done when the product(s) in question were purchased by you from Emerald Harvest

Provide: Product SKU, product name, QTY, batch code, picture, reason for return, copy of invoice or receipt.

Reason for return examples: leaking cap, mold, customer not satisfied, over/under shipment

  • Send a copy of the return form, a copy of the customer receipt, and pictures to your assigned account manager and to have the return processed and arrange for the returned product to be picked up from your business or discarded. For all refunds, replacements, or credits you issue, Emerald Harvest will issue you a credit equal to your original purchase price of the returned product. The next time you place an order with Emerald Harvest, your credits will be used. Credits cannot be used on invoices from earlier dates than the credit memo.
If product is being returned to Emerald Harvest:
  • You will be asked shipping specs for the return and to advise when packed and ready. Once packed and ready the Emerald Harvest Order Desk will send you a BOL for the return, print 2 copies of the BOL and put one with the return and one with the driver. Generally, within 24-48 hours the return will be picked up. Once the return is received it will be checked for accuracy and then the replacement product or credit memo will be sent.
If you are asked to dispose of the product:
  • If the product cannot safely ship back to us, then we will ask you to send a picture of the emptied products and safely discard. Once the product is discarded the credit memo will be sent.
If there is a damage claim or over/under qty on shipment:
  • Must be noted on shipping paperwork (unless concealed). Emerald Harvest will not cover these if not notified within 72 hours of the customer receiving the order.

20% re-stocking fee will be applied to all returns on new, un-opened products