Recreational Grower Sets Record Using Emerald Harvest

What I like about growing is that it makes me feel free.                -Freegrow8

Embarking on the journey of setting a growing record is no small endeavor, and yet, some growers seem to effortlessly surpass the ordinary standards. One such cultivator, known as @freegrow8 on Instagram, has not only embraced the challenge but has thrived in it.

For years now, @freegrow8 has been a dedicated user of Emerald Harvest Nutrients, and the results speak for themselves. This recreational grower has elevated his cultivation practices to unprecedented heights, consistently achieving remarkable milestones that have positioned him as a trailblazer in the growing community.

One standout accomplishment in @freegrow8’s growing career is being crowned the #1 Sativa in the American Auto Flower Cup. The Strawberry Gorilla strain by Fastbuds, nurtured with meticulous care and nourished with Emerald Harvest Nutrients, stood out among the competition, earning him the prestigious title. This victory is not just a testament to his expertise but also underscores the efficacy of the nutrient regimen he follows.

In addition to this impressive achievement, @freegrow8 secured the top spot in the Amateur Photo Competition for The Emerald Cup. His commitment to cultivating excellence extends beyond the physical yields, as he skillfully captures the essence of his plants in stunning visuals. Winning in a photo competition is a multifaceted triumph, highlighting not only the quality of the harvest but also the artistry involved in the entire cultivation process.

**All photo credits go to @freegrow8 on Instagram

Samantha White

Social Media Coordinator, Emerald Harvest


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