Emerald Harvest Nutrient Switch Gives Craft Grower a Boost

Los Angeles-area microgrower gains enhanced resin production and increased efficiency from easy-to-use nutrient line.

It’s not a stretch to say Grey (right) and Pinky’s (left) indoor flower rooms are working laboratories. The husband-and-wife duo operate the Greybeard Grows and Pinkbeard Grows microgroweries. They experiment with different growing conditions to perfect their craft and share their experiences as consultants through their blogs.

With decades of growing experience between them, Pinky and Grey know that an optimal environment is key to cultivating the highest quality medicine. Their switch to Emerald Harvest’s nutrient line in 2017 was one of many tests they’ve performed in an effort to enhance the quality of their finished product. The change has paid off, says Grey, a retired music-industry professional who managed band members for high-profile musicians such as Stevie Wonder and Christina Aguilera.

“From vegetative growth all the way through flower, our resin production is through the roof thanks to Honey Chome; our flower structure is just perfect thanks to King Kola; but one of our favorite parts of the whole line is the Emerald Goddess,” Grey says. “She really is the glue that holds everything together in the line for us.”

They don’t grow for distribution. They started their Los Angeles-area microgroweries—housed in 8-by-10 and 9-by-13 flower rooms—around 2012 in a quest to find higher-quality medicine to treat a genetic blood condition that Grey has been battling.

Their health-conscious approach to growing led them to Emerald Harvest.

“We were looking for organic, clean nutrients,” Pinky says. “They were becoming very expensive, so (Emerald Harvest sales rep) Courtland Erickson recommended something that was a good compromise as far as price but very close to what we were using before, and it was good to have a cleaner option than any of the other stuff that was out there.”

The Emerald Harvest nutrients are also easier to use than other brands on the market, according to Pinky and Grey. Other products require more attention to application rates.

“With Emerald Harvest, the recipes are so simple and the numbers are so simple, you don’t have to be a scientist,” Grey says. “It’s so easy that the numbers are stuck in my head. I can go into the room and know exactly how much to put every time, and it doesn’t change.”

The Emerald Harvest Team