Maximizing Yield with Emerald Harvest

Whether you’re an experienced grower or just beginning, targeting a maximum yield is always a top priority. With Emerald Harvest’s premium nutrients and supplements, you have every product necessary to amazing plants that always meet expectations. In this blog post, we will look at some expert tips and strategies to help you use Emerald Harvest products to their fullest potential!

Identify Your Plants Needs

Before using any nutrient line, it is important for growers to understand the needs of their plant at each growth stage. From the time the seed is planted, to vegetative phase, to the flowering phase, each growth phase has different requirements for nutrients and care. Taking the time to research the needs of each growth cycle can be the difference between a high yield and a less-than-desirable one.

One of the main perks of using Emerald Harvest’s full line is the customizability of the products. Using a base nutrient such as our 2-part system Cali Pro is more beginner friendly, while our 3-part system Grow Micro Bloom is more tailorable and recommended for experienced growers.

Utilizing supplements from Emerald Harvest allows you to further optimize your plant health. While base nutrients are an absolute necessity, having supplements is an added assurance of resilience, root development, and overall nutrient uptake. Emerald Goddess for lush green growth, Honey Chome for sticky, resinous flowers, King Kola for MASSIVE buds and Root Wizard for increased root development!

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Environmental Factors and Maintenance

While nutrients are one of the building blocks of amazing growth, the environment and setup can have a huge effect on grow quality and yield. If your grow is outdoors, weather, temperature, humidity and light are often unpredictable depending on where you live. Growing indoors with lighting systems, ventilation, airflow and hydroponic systems/pots allows the grower to better tailor their growing environment to the needs of their plants. Properly and regularly monitoring parameters can help pick out deficiencies and issues earlier, nipping them in the bud (get it?) before they escalate. Consistency is key! Feeding and watering schedule diligence has a massive impact on yield. With inconsistent feeding, plants may be deficient, or may be getting too much of certain nutrients. Inconsistent watering can lead to browning/yellowing of leaves, and less-than-desirable growth.

Check out our full line using the navigational menu at the top right of our website, and find a store near you to purchase a line that is not only dedicated to you, but to your plants! Happy growing!

The Emerald Harvest Team


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