Consistent Quality for Hawaiian Based Retailer

HiBred Seed LLC is a Hawaii based medicinal cannabis souvenir retailer on the island of Oahu in the Honolulu district. Our company seed breeders for this operation are located in Hawaii, Mainland USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and Australia. Although we are a brand new company that just stepped foot onto the public scene, we have been preparing for this moment for many years now. Our breeders and seed testers are seasoned growers and leading social media personalities, that help the company to produce quality, trusted products that have been showcased around the world for years to date. We only decided the timing was right to go public now, due to the recreational laws soon to come to our home state of Hawaii.

After using many other nutrients for indoor and outdoor projects, once I was introduced to Emerald Harvest products, I finally decided to settle down with them and run their nutrients for the rest of my journey in this industry! I love the ease and security of using their line-ups, knowing that I won’t be dealing with so many deficiencies or have to dial in each individual strain to match my nutrients.

These nutrients are consistent and do all the work for me.

Gabriel Aliimanu Kealoha
Owner and CEO
HiBred Seed