Build a Better Foundation

The Emerald Harvest nutrient line is a complete feeding program that’s been purity and quality tested in the lab, with proven results in the field, grow after grow. The starting point is our two professional base nutrient series, which offer your hydroponic plants every nutrient they need and nothing they don’t.

Plants need at least a minimum amount of every nutrient essential to plant life. It doesn’t matter if a plant gets more than enough of every essential nutrient but one; if even one essential nutrient falls beneath its minimum, the plant will suffer a deficiency, with yield and crop quality leaking away. Deficiencies can range from minor discolorations to subpar harvests of diminished potency—or even necrosis and death.

In addition to hydrogen, oxygen and carbon—essential non-mineral nutrients that plants take from the air and water—there are 14 essential plant nutrients:

  • The primary macronutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
  • The secondary macronutrients: calcium, magnesium and sulfur
  • And the eight micronutrients: boron, iron and so forth

Nutrients must be applied in the right concentrations at the right times in the crop life cycle. They also need to be formulated in the right ratios, so that the various essential nutrients complement and balance one another rather than work against each other.

Interested in seeing how this works in practice? Check out our easy-to-use feeding chart, which shows how our base nutrients and all of our supplements work together to help your plants reach their maximum genetic potential.


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