Bends Indoor Garden Station succeeds with Emerald Harvest

I am the owner of Bends Indoor Garden Station, proudly serving Central Oregon for 15 years, and have been in this industry for 20. We have seen it all, every new product, every new fad as well as many fails.

Emerald Harvest came into our shop like a hurricane and has been our #1 product line since! From the start our sales rep (Micheal Liddle) went above and beyond to make the the relationship between us succeed.

The help with promotional items, events and rep days has truly put Emerald harvest above all.

The customer feed back is really where EH shines. The growers love the convience of the packaging, as well as the tremendous change in growth rate and yields. The promo items really change the way customers shop. being able to provide our customers with a product line that impacted them in such a way, has driven our buisness as well!

We simply can not say enough about the support system, not only from our rep, but Emerald Harvest as a whole, has been remarkable.

In this industry, that is ever changing, companies have put customer relationships on the back burner. Emerald Harvest is an exception! They have gone above and beyond to make sure us as a store are succeeding!

In short, Emerald Harvest not only is an amazing product, the company is just just as amazing to be partnered with.

Thank you,
Ashley Beaudoin