Why use Root Wizard massive root builder?
Root Wizard gets more nutes to your roots with just two easy applications during the crop life cycle and is suitable for soil or hydroponic gardens.

  • Vibrant, stable rhizobacterial colonies in the root zone
  • Bigger roots and longer root hairs for optimal nutrient uptake
  • Clean root system for better hygiene in the growing medium

What makes it work?
Any superior feeding program that aims to produce big, beautiful buds first needs to foster a large, healthy root system to take up nutrients. Root Wizard increases the size and performance of roots for stronger, healthier, more prolific plants that take up more nutes.

Root Wizard’s potency as a root builder comes from the six species of beneficial bacteria it contains. Beneficial microbes are absent from hydroponic gardens unless applied by growers. That’s why microbial inoculants are important.

What kinds of bacteria are in Root Wizard?

  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens – effective bacterial species for combating plant pathogens. It also synthesizes potent natural antibiotics, including fungicides and bacteriocins.
  • Bacillus licheniformis – helps control harmful bacteria and fungi
  • Bacillus subtilis – a root colonizer that forms cell arrangements or communities called “rafts” that swarm the rhizosphere
  • Bacillus laevolacticus – lower the pH where they thrive, preventing other harmful microorganisms from colonizing
  • Bacillus pasteurii – improves the strength of substrate or soil as well as the porosity and profile of that soil
  • Paenibacillus azotofixans – increases plant growth and flowering by producing phytohormones, helping to chelate micronutrients and acting as a biological pest control

Why Root Wizard over the competition?
Several competitors do offer what appear to be microbially richer formulations. Some have as many as 13 additional types of bacteria. The general assumption behind formulations like these is that if you have more species, then you’ll have a better product or at least give the impression of greater value. But, more is not necessarily better. For one thing, not every species of rhizobacteria is helpful for cannabis and other crops. Root Wizard’s six species are.

What matters is:

  • Applying the right species of rhizobacteria for the crops you grow, which Root Wizard does better than any other product.
  • Applying them in sufficient concentrations to form viable, prolific, sustainable colonies in the rhizosphere, which Root Wizard also does—and better.

Root Wizard
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