What is Cali Pro?
Our premium 2-part nutrient series is formulated for growers who like to keep it simple. Equal parts A and B in the Grow and Bloom stages of plant growth make mixing easy and consistent.

Why purchase ours?
What sets Emerald Harvest base nutrients apart is that they contain the right nutrient concentrations and precise ratios. This minimizes the risk of deficiencies and ensures plants get a diet that meets their nutritional needs throughout their life cycle.

Those two phrases—“right concentrations” and “precise ratios”—are the two most important selling points of our base nutrients. Everything in our base nutrients—and in our supplements—is formulated perfectly. And all the products in our line work together like the pieces of a puzzle.

All base nutrients on the market try to satisfy the plant’s basic needs. Here’s what makes ours better:

  • Only the best ingredients (premium raw materials)
  • Only the ideal formulations (scientifically engineered)
  • The essential nutrients in the right concentrations
  • The precise ratios working in tandem with our supplements
  • No, or very low, heavy metal content – well below regulatory limits

Growers can rest assured they are getting the quality and purity for potent, flavorful, and safe cannabis.

Why purchase Honey Chome over another brand?
Honey Chome is made from 95% organic ingredients. It uses natural carbohydrates and other special, natural ingredients in the formulation to help plants develop high percentage oils as well as extremely potent aromas and flavors.

Honey Chome does this without changing the terpene profile – it enhances it. Honey Chome, like the rest of the Emerald Harvest line, enhances the plant’s natural attributes – it does not mask them or override them like some products can.

For growers who want their plants to be their absolute natural best – Honey Chome is the best choice.

What makes Emerald Harvest base nutrients work?

Using one of our base nutrient series ensures growers have their bases covered with a premium formulation of micro and macro nutrients.

For base nutrients, the 3 primary macronutrients needed for plant success are NPK:

  • Nitrogen (N)
  • Phosphorous (P)
  • Potassium (K)

Nitrogen (N)
Nitrogen is the consummate vegetative—a.k.a. “grow”—element, improving both the quantity and the quality of the dry end product. Plants that have sufficient nitrogen typically display vigorous growth.

Phosphorus (P)
Phosphorus is the first of the two most important bloom-boosting elements.

  • Transfers nutrients and energy (its main role)
  • Used in photosynthesis
  • Stimulates flower initiation
  • Promotes fruit & seed formation
  • Encourages root development

Potassium (K)
Potassium is the second important bloom-boosting element.

  • Improves fruit & flower quality
  • Promotes translocation of sugars is essential to the proper functioning of stomata (thus regulating H20 utilization)
  • Increases phenolic compounds for greater pest resistance
  • Builds sturdy plant structures

Cali Pro
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