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    What our customers say

    You actually helped me out a lot with getting my garden in order a long time ago with the Emerald Harvest line. I had to stop using it was a little out of my budget. But after testing out many others, I still haven't found one that compares so after all this time I'm going back to what I know is the best. The best I've hit on a 15 light room was 39, since then I have not got over 29, so I'm going back to Emerald Harvest and staying because I really dig your product.

    Sheldon M.

    My name is Johnny and I'm a home grower. I've been using Emerald Harvest for quite some time now and I really love the lineup and love the results I've been getting. Pretty amazing how the plants vibrantly absorbed the nutrients and the end results were considerably noticeable and the quality was top notch. King Kola, Emerald Goddess, Honey Chome, Micro, and Sturdy Stalk are all one of a kind products and extremely! I wish I had find you guys in the beginning of my growing journey. Much love. Thanks again for a great product.


    I found out about your brand at Lyft in Toronto and was amazed by your customer interactions, your prices, and the concentration of your products. I believe that I will be using your brand going forward. Thanks again, keep up the awesome work!


    I recently picked up one of your starter kits; I have been doing some testing and my plants seem to love EH more than other companies I have tried. I have just started some new seedlings today and plan on running a full grow of EH. Thanks for reaching out!