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How Suboptimal Fertilization Affects Yield

Fertilizer is a crucial component of crop production, but simply adding fertilizer to the system is no guarantee a crop will get the nutrients it needs. Inadequate nutrient availability, nutrient incompatibility, and subpar nutrient formulations can result in under-fertilized plants, also known as suboptimal fertilization.Without the right nutrients in the right concentrations and ratios, plants cannot achieve optimal yields or maximize crop quality. For cannabis, suboptimal fertilization can also impact cannabinoid profiles and concentrations.Consequences of suboptimal fertilizationIn one study, researchers …

The Benefits of a 3-Part Nutrient System

When you want to grow top-quality cannabis, the right nutrient system for your grow can make a world of difference. 2-part systems are amazing too, but in this Grower Knowledge post, we will explore the benefits of using a 3-part nutrient system, and how it can help your grow! What is a 3-part nutrient system? The 3-part nutrient system typically consists of the three different products Grow, Micro and Bloom. Each different part is tailored to meet the very specific nutrient requirements …