Simplicity Brings Home Grower to Emerald Harvest

Mark Nerheim wanted simplicity. As a home grower with a focus on quality, he didn’t have time to experiment with different nutrient formulations. Several years ago, a friend introduced him to Emerald Harvest’s nutrient line. Here, Nerheim shares his story, including his approach to growing at his property in the Portland, Oregon, area.

Tell me a little bit about your operation and how you got started?
I was a medical grower in the state of Oregon when you could have a lot of patients, but since they changed the rules I pretty much dropped all of my patients… so I do a small personal grow. I grow 12 plants at a time. I built a veg grow room on my property with 125 watts of power. I run four Gavitas in my flower room, and in my veg room I run two 315-watt ceramic halides. The flower room is 14-by-10 with 10-foot ceilings so I can get a bigger height because I like to grow my plants tall.

How long have you been using Emerald Harvest?
I started using Emerald Harvest about a year after they started selling it. I use the two-part nutrient system of Emerald Harvest – the Cali Pro A and B, the Emerald Goddess, Honey Chome, King Kola and Root Wizard and Cali Pro Bloom A+B too for flower.

What has Emerald Harvest done for your grow?
It’s helped in yield. And the simplicity. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s effective.

How much has it helped improve yield?
I’d say overall probably 15 to 20 percent more yield with the CO2 added.

Why is Emerald Harvest easier to use?
With Emerald Harvest, I don’t see plant deficiencies. When I was running Botanicare before, you would use their base and you would have a selection of 30 different nutrients you could add to your grow. With the Emerald Harvest line, you don’t see deficiencies like you would with the other product because you don’t have to figure out which one is going to work until you figure out what the deficiency was.

Where do you purchase Emerald Harvest?
A friend of mine owns Healthy Harvest in Hillsboro (Oregon), and he turned me on to it. I bought one of those variety packs that they sold at the time and ran it. I was satisfied the first time I used it, so I stuck with it and been using it ever since. The simplicity of their line—it’s a no-brainer.