Product Line

In this article, we’re going to explain, with science, how our streamlined product line of professional base nutrients and premium supplements helps your hydroponic garden reach its maximum genetic potential. We often tell growers that the Emerald Harvest product line fits together like the pieces in a puzzle. But what does that mean for you as a grower? And, most importantly, what does it mean for the health of your plants?

While some believe more is better—more nutrients, more bottles, more complications—at Emerald Harvest we know growers’ time and resources are precious. Our product line reflects that. Our streamlined family of products fits together like the pieces in a puzzle—giving your plants all the elements they need and nothing they don’t—so that you don’t waste time hunting down and then testing supplements that play well with your base nutrients or vice versa. And you don’t spend hard-won dollars on bottles of redundant nutrients.

To meet their maximum genetic potential—to really grow the biggest, best, most beautiful plants you can, to really nail heavy, high-quality yields—crops need the right concentrations and ratios of nutrients at the right time. When it comes to nutrients, living things need some elements only in tiny, tiny amounts. But if they are missing? Disaster. Take iodine. In London in the 1800s, doctors noted widespread cases of people with large thyroid swellings—goiters—and stunted mental and physical development. Eventually, they figured out that this was an iodine deficiency. Just a tiny amount—90 to 290 micrograms of it daily—would prevent this problem. So London and other major cities began adding iodine to their water supplies.

It’s the same with your hydroponic garden. Plants that grow outside in dirt can often take what they need from the environment. But in a hydroponic garden, you have to supply all of the essential elements that your plants need—and in the right amounts. A plant’s potential for growth isn’t defined by the nutrients it gets the most of—it’s defined by the essential nutrient that is least abundant. This is the law of the minimum. Even the nutrients that the plant needs in tiny, tiny amounts must be there in at least those minimum quantities so that the plant can reach its maximum genetic potential. If your plants don’t at least get the minimum amount of the essential elements, they’ll show deficiencies—or even die.

You also have to supply the right nutrients at the right point in the plant’s life cycle. Plants, like humans, need all the essential elements throughout their lives. However, their nutritional needs change over their life cycles. Humans need a lot of calcium when we’re young and our bones are growing, less during the bulk of our adult life, and then a lot again when we are old and have brittle bones. Every macro and micronutrient is crucial, and Emerald Harvest’s products are formulated with the right ratios for cannabis plants. In a sense, we’ve made sure there are no weak links.

However, more nutrients are not necessarily better. The right ratios and concentrations are crucial. Too much of a nutrient and you risk “burning” the plant with an oversupply of one element or another. Or, when plants detect an oversupply of one nutrient, they can sometimes prioritize that nutrient over other, needed, elements—creating a so-called “lock-out” of those other nutrients. Emerald Harvest has carefully calibrated and formulated our base nutrients to provide precisely the right ratios and concentrations of all the essential elements for plants to grow and bloom properly.

We offer two professional base nutrient series made from the highest quality raw ingredients. Take the math out of growing with our simple Cali Pro 2-part series. OR enjoy maximum flexibility in mixing ratios with our 3-part Grow, Micro, Bloom. As a professional grower, you want big, rich, sticky trichomes and heavy, potent harvests. Supplements help you get that. The entire Emerald Harvest supplement line works perfectly together with our base nutrients: saving you time, hassle, and money. Emerald Harvest’s supplements provide micronutrients, macronutrients, and other helpful ingredients that give your plant the right things it needs at the right times to maximize the genetic potential for your cannabis crop. You use them at specific times during the crop life cycle to increase the size and quality of yields above and beyond what a base nutrient alone can deliver.

Root Wizard Massive Root Builder adds six strains of beneficial bacteria to colonize the root zone for increased root mass that is necessary for stronger, healthier plants.

Honey Chome aroma and resin enricher feeds those bacteria and improves the crop flavor, color and potency.

Emerald Goddess premium plant tonic invigorates your plant’s natural growth and fruiting processes—creating lush, vibrant green plants!

Sturdy Stalk potassium silicate supplement bulks up plant cell walls so that they can support as much fruiting and flowering as your plants can produce.

King Kola powerful bloom booster adds “oomph” during the flowering phase with more phosphorus and potassium for huge, heavy buds.

Cal-Mag calcium-magnesium supplement keeps your plants productive and green, particularly when growing in certain media such as coco coir.

In addition, we also produce pH adjusters, pH Up and pH Down, to help you get your plants in the “sweet spot” where they are most likely to take up nutrients. To help make sure growers have it as easy as possible when using our product line, we created an easy-to-use feeding chart you can follow. It clearly shows what you should feed your plants in each week of their life cycle for optimal growth and development. Each of Emerald Harvest’s supplements works optimally and in perfect harmony with our other supplements and with our base nutrients so that your plants have every piece of the puzzle they need to reach their maximum genetic potential.

Get simple, easy success – with Emerald Harvest.