Get the most out of every bud in your garden for a prolific flowering phase and a heavy harvest with our unparalleled bloom booster.

  • More abundant and productive budding sites
  • Weightier buds, fruits and flowers for bigger yields
  • Naturally occurring, vegetable-based proteins

What is King Kola?
King Kola is one of Emerald Harvest’s best-selling products because it delivers the most tangible benefit for growers: bigger yields. Our powerful bloom booster substantially increases the dry weight of harvests with a precise formulation of Potassium and Phosphorous, which translates into more volume per grow.

Why purchase ours?

  • It’s an all-in-one bloom booster – growers don’t have to buy and apply two or more bloom boosters to achieve the same results.
  • King Kola contains the right concentrations and ratios of P and K—no more and no less than needed. King Kola produces little if any nutrient runoff and waste. For that reason, it is ecological and clean, especially for a mineral fertilizer.
  • Contains hemp seed flour as a protein source – the only bloom booster on the market with a protein source derived from hemp

King Kola has precisely formulated ratios and concentrations of nutrients to work with our product line. King Kola shouldn’t be mixed-and-matched with competing product lines – for best results, growers should use the full Emerald Harvest line.

More is not necessarily better
Growers should avoid “phosphorous bombs” – they should feed their crops the right concentrations and ratios of phosphorus and potassium to achieve optimal harvests. Too much or too little can have adverse effects on plant growth. Each species is different and has a different optimal range, but the same principle holds true for all crops.

Phosphorus (P)
  • Transfers nutrients and energy (its main role)
  • Used in photosynthesis
  • Stimulates flower initiation
  • Promotes fruit & seed formation
  • Encourages root development
Potassium (K)
  • Improves fruit & flower quality
  • Promotes translocation of sugars
  • Is essential to the proper functioning of stomata (regulating water utilization)
  • Increases phenolic compounds for greater pest resistance
  • Builds sturdy plant structures
Hemp seed flour from cannabis sativa
  • Protein source from the same plant
  • Rich in L-amino acids
  • Encourage nutrient uptake by the roots
  • Are one of the four building blocks of cellular life
  • Doubles as a nitrogen source

King Kola
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