What is Honey Chome?
Honey Chome is a carbohydrate-rich supplement that increases production of sweet, sticky trichomes and terpene rich, essential oils while feeding the beneficial microbes in the root zone. Honey Chome enhances what your customers want most—fragrance, flavor, color and potency.

What does Honey Chome do?
Honey Chome is formulated to encourage terpenes, esters and phenols – compounds responsible for all the things growers prize most. Higher terpenes means more flavor, color, aroma and potency.

  • Enhances sticky trichomes
  • Elevates essential oils
  • Increases potency
  • Strengthens fragrance
  • Enriches colors
  • Improves taste

In addition, Honey Chome provides a ready source of energy to the plant through the roots, the carbohydrates in Honey Chome feed the beneficial microorganisms in the plant’s root zone ensuring their colonies get well established, proliferate and thrive.

Why purchase Honey Chome over another brand?
Honey Chome is made from 95% organic ingredients. It uses natural carbohydrates and other special, natural ingredients in the formulation to help plants develop high percentage oils as well as extremely potent aromas and flavors.

Honey Chome does this without changing the terpene profile – it enhances it. Honey Chome, like the rest of the Emerald Harvest line, enhances the plant’s natural attributes – it does not mask them or override them like some products can.

For growers who want their plants to be their absolute natural best – Honey Chome is the best choice.

How does Honey Chome work?

  • Honey Chome blends carbohydrates in just the right amounts to sustain a thriving rhizomicrobial ecosystem (root zone) and enhance crop quality.
  • Honey Chome contains magnesium for photosynthesis and sugar translocation.
  • Additional nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for peak bud production.
  • Honey Chome’s unique formulation encourages the production of terpenes.

Honey Chome
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