Emerald Harvest


Use this form to sign up your GrowGen store for the Emerald Harvest education program. Please read the following instructions before filling out the form:

  • Each employee of the store has to fill out the form individually. So, that we can email them their login details for the portal.
  • If you’re the store manager, you can fill out the form on your employees’ behalf, but a different submission of this form is required for each employee. Please don’t use commas (,) or periods (.) and enter every employee’s name in a single form submission and submit.
  • Please don’t use acronyms for the city name or other information this form requires. For example, if your store is in New York city, don’t enter NYC in the city field, instead enter “New York City”, a.k.a the full text version.
  • After we receive submissions from every employee of the store who’s interested in the Emerald Harvest education program, we’ll verify their details and send them their login information for “Classmarker”, which is the tool users will be using to take the quizzes for the course.

Note: If you have already sent your store’s information to one of our sales representative to sign up for this course, you don’t need to fill this form out again. You’ll receive your login information and all the other links soon, if you haven’t received them already. 

Let's get you enrolled in Emerald U

    If you have any other questions or are having trouble signing up, please send out an email to marketing@emeraldharvest.co