Emerald Harvest


Emerald Harvest’s retailer product training portal. 

We are proud to partner with GrowGen to provide this comprehensive product knowledge course to help staff advise customers on the science of plant nutrition and the Emerald Harvest line.

The course is made up of separate product specific sessions each with information about the product and a quiz for review.

  • The product course information is provided on the COURSE LIST page and can be read at your own pace.
  • The quizzes are taken through CLASSMARKER and are automatically scored and recorded

When all product course quizzes have been completed, you will receive a course completion certificate.

Access to the entire course list to begin or continue the program.

Access to your ClassMarker account to view progress and take quizzes.

If you have not been emailed your LOGIN information, please contact us to get set up!


Emerald U is designed to provide knowledge on the science foundations of the Emerald Harvest product line. This information is vital to helping differentiate Emerald Harvest from the competition – but the science translates to a better understanding of how ALL nutrients work and will give anyone who goes through these courses little gems of knowledge that can help them be better sellers and better growers.

That’s the U. Emerald Harvest has always been committed, first and foremost, to helping growers succeed and these courses are simply an extension of that commitment – helping YOU become more knowledgeable and successful.