Emerald Harvest will always be my 1st Choice

With over 15 years of marijuana production for licensed facilities in the rapidly evolving and ultra-dynamic So Cal Markets of the Post 215 era, I have worked in the most competitive place to grow.

The competition is fierce and if you want to stand out, you have to be on top of your game. There is nothing worse than spending time and money on nutrients that over promise and under deliver. Having a bad pull can be detrimental for staying in such a competitive market.

After years of hunting for genetics and trying all kinds of nutrients from every company in the industry, all claiming to be superior to the rest, I have not found one company that I can use exclusively for all my growing needs. My best results have been by combining different companies’ nutrients to get the desired result – until I found Emerald Harvest.

I had the opportunity to run the Genetics and Research and Development department in Florida for Trulieve – the largest production company of medical marijuana in the world. When I joined their team, they were exclusively using a 3 Part Mix from Emerald Harvest, I was not only interested – I was impressed. The results were so impressive that while hunting for strains that were high in THC and Terpenoids, it was unusually hard for me to pick a winner. It left the impression, these nutrients are so good, they make everything’s quality and appearance amazing.

I had to wait on my test results to come back to confirm and compare the outcome to my past notes. Never in the past did I have to wait on test results to pick a winner. I was number 3 in the cultivating out of 2200 employees and I pride myself on being well versed in this area.

Working with that company was an honor and an invaluable experience. I have since moved on in my career to be the Production Cultivation Manager of PURE OHIO WELLNESS. We also use Emerald Harvest, the CALI PRO MIX TWO PART, it never ceases to amaze me with consistent, reliable results.

Over the years in this industry I have formed a relationship with the team from Emerald Harvest and the knowledgeable President, David Pratt. The company and its executives are always available when I call on them. That is what you call true service in this sink or swim industry. I can’t imagine using any other nutrient company for the rest of my life.

Emerald Harvest has earned my loyalty and will always be my 1st Choice. I walked away from a 1000 light operation after 5 months of consulting and being the Head Grower because the owner/operator of that facility would not use Emerald Harvest as they had committed to another company. After years of trial and error and combining one nutrient from one company and another nutrient from a different company to get my desired results, Emerald Harvest has earned my loyalty for their professionalism, proven results, and superior outcome.

I would like to thank the Emerald Harvest Commercial Team – David Pratt and Court Earickson – for all the support from a President and a Cannabis Commercial Services Consultant that anyone in the Cannabis industry can ask for.

Stephen Rosado