Base Nutrients

The nutrient market for hydroponic plants is crowded, complicated, and confusing. So how do you know which base nutrient is going to provide the best foundation for your crop?

In this article, we’ll show you—with science—why Emerald Harvest base nutrients are the perfect choice for growing consistent quality, bountiful crops.

Base nutrients provide the base—or most essential—nutrients that plants need to grow and bloom properly. Your plants simply can’t grow without a base nutrient.

But, an ideal base nutrient can be difficult to achieve. It requires a clear understanding of the science of plant growth. It needs to give your plants what they need without burning them with too much or depriving them of too little. Plus, what your plant requires changes over the stages of its life cycle.

Emerald Harvest has two professional base nutrient lines that provide your plants with exactly what they need to thrive without excess or unnecessary nutrients.
Cali Pro Grow & Bloom and Grow, Micro, Bloom.

Cali Pro is a 2-part nutrient program that takes the math out of growing. It has a simple one-to-one mixing formulation and is designed to give your plants all they need for their life cycle in just two bottles.

Grow, Micro, Bloom provides the same great nutrient content as Cali Pro but it is split into three parts. Grow, Micro, Bloom revitalizes your feeding program with the ability to tailor your nutrients to your garden’s needs.

Both Cali Pro and Grow, Micro, Bloom have:

  • The right ratios of micronutrients and macronutrients for your plants at the right time (certificates of analysis)
  • Ingredients derived from the highest quality raw materials
  • Proper balance with our premium supplements, like King Kola and Honey Chome
  • A proven feeding and support program so you know you’re getting it right (results / performance / recommendations)

A lot of growers focus on the N-P-K values in a base nutrient, since nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the powerhouses behind explosive growth.

Cali Pro and Grow, Micro, Bloom are designed with proper attention to these essential macronutrients as well as precise, optimal quantities of micronutrients.

Micronutrient deficiencies can be the cause of

  • withered leaves
  • discoloration
  • general failure to thrive
  • and other problems in your garden

Micronutrients may only need to be present in tiny amounts, but they do need to be there.

Too little of a nutrient, and the plant risks deficiencies.

Too much of a nutrient and you risk burning the plant with an oversupply of one element or another.

Conversely, when plants detect an oversupply of one nutrient, they can sometimes prioritize that nutrient over another—creating a so-called “lock-out” of those other nutrients.

All this is to say, both underfeeding and overfeeding your plants can waste your effort and your cash. It’s important to get the ratios right—and Cali Pro and Gro, Micro, Bloom have those ratios dialed in.

To provide an added boost at various development stages you add supplements to the base nutrient feeding program. This helps you get bigger, stickier buds and happy root zones, among other things.

Emerald Harvest’s base nutrients and supplements are designed to fit together like the pieces in a puzzle—providing everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Emerald Harvest’s base nutrients are made from the highest quality raw materials and are diligently tested and certified against impurities and validation of nutrient formulation.

Our premium base nutrients give your crops all the nourishment they need, in the right ratios and concentrations for your hydroponic garden.

With Emerald Harvest premium nutrients—Cali Pro and Grow, Micro, Bloom—you and your plants can rely on a proven feeding program that takes the guesswork out of growing.

Simple, easy success – with Emerald Harvest.