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    What our customers say

    I have been running your product line for about a year now and absolutely love it! Quality ingredients, amazing results with a simple system that doesn't break the bank, and keeping it California based is a huge plus for me. I don't see why I would ever switch.


    Loving the nutrients so far. I've noticed a big difference in overall plant health. Noticed 2-3 times thicker stalks on all my plants! Next time I order more nutrients I'll have to order the poster with the nutrient regime. I cut it out of the back of the box and have it hanging!


    I will only be investing in your products from now on as I am very pleased with the performance and results of your nutrient lineup. Super happy with all the supplements!


    I switched from CX Hydroponics a year ago and never looked back. Emerald Harvest provided me with premium results, better buds and great customer service. Thanks a lot.

    Devin G.

    I'll be honest, I've been growing for 20 years and I absolutely love Emerald Harvest. It's amazing; the 180 my plants have taken since I've started using your nutrients. I'm about to start my first veg to bloom with your products and will post some photos for you.


    I absolutely love the Emerald Harvest line. I remember when I used your products for the first time and how surprised I was. I ran Advanced Nutrients and Emerald Harvest was just way faster acting than other lines I have used in my twelve years of growing. Thanks again!


    Although I am very new into this amazing hobby, I have to say, I tried an organic one with top dressing and had a rough time with it. Got hooked up with Emerald Goddess and I see nothing but thrives every time I feed. You guys have, as far as I can see, amazing quality. I got a few buddies of mine on Emerald Harvest as well and never any complaints. Thank you again, happy growing.


    This is a very safe product and I recommend it to any new grower. I love the product knowledge catalogue too. I learned a lot through reading on the specifics of your products and what you source from. Great products, hands down. It's always a reliable tool and ready to go to jump start to my garden in veg every year. Thanks a million for the opportunity and the pointers. Great company and great people always.


    'I've been very impressed with your nutrient range. I have tried many other brands and Emerald Harvest really stands out! Cheers, Max


    Thank you very much, it's your products that do most of the work though. As far as I see it, I'm just the middle man.


    We're really happy with our grow and depend pretty heavily on your product so thank YOU. I'll keep tagging and posting the process of the grow. We're currently harvesting and it all looks to be going as well as can be expected. Thank you for reaching out, super groovy!

    Catherine S.

    Rad cheers, my plants have been loving your nutes. I feel true organic is spooky for many new growers, myself included, but yours is a nice, zen middle; easy to use but still organically made as opposed to synthetic. PS - Love your artwork too!