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How to Maximize Photoperiod

Light is a primary driver of plant growth. For many cannabis genotypes, the photoperiod plays a crucial role in regulating various physiological processes, including determining when a plant will flower. When growing these genotypes indoors, it is important to know how long the photoperiod should be in different phases of their development.By managing the duration and intensity of light exposure, growers can control the flowering phase, extend the growing season to facilitate year-round production, and increase yields in doing so.What …

How Amino Acids Promote Plant Growth

Proteins are known as “the building blocks of life”—and amino acids the building blocks of proteins. Plants synthesize their own aminos naturally, but if crops are stressed, they may not have sufficient energy to manufacture these crucial compounds.[1] In this blog post, we’ll unpack what amino acids are, why they’re important for plant development, and why it’s a good idea to feed cannabis with a fertilizer that contains them. What are amino acids?Amino acids are chemical compounds that include an amine …

Sources of Soluble Silicon

Silicon is the second most abundant element on Earth. However, most forms of silicon[1] found in nature are unavailable for uptake by plants. To reap the benefits of silicon, growers must use a fertilizer that contains a highly soluble source of silicon. That’s easier said than done. While there is no shortage of silicon in the world, not all silicon compounds are equal. Some may not be very soluble or even high in silicon. Others may have significant downsides, such as …

How Silicon Promotes Plant Growth

Although silicon is not considered an essential nutrient—plants can grow without it—it significantly boosts plant strength and stress resistance. For cannabis, silicon contributes to development of the terpenes and phenolic compounds that growers prize. Here's why supplementing your feeding program with silicon might be beneficial.Benefits of siliconSilicon improves plant health and growth in several important ways.Physically, this beneficial nutrient help plants form a strong layer of hydrated amorphous silica, or opal, in their cell walls. This silica layer acts as …